K A T R I N A  D I O N


I am a director, deviser, movement artist, and choreographer based in Chicago. My work grounds itself in the physical experience that occurs when building worlds for performance – the electric shiver that runs up your spine when entering a place of wonderment.

These contained artistic universes can speak multitudes. They can work to eradicate the oppressive strictures of censorship, they can empower young people, they can create space for pleasure, for reveling in the joy of making, for eating cake and making dance. In these performance containers, my mind bounces off walls and leaps from ledges, shouting query: How can the sensorial be directly linked to the political? What is labor? What is consent? How can art contribute to an international activist body of work? 

I am an educator, here to mentor inside the tricky space between clarity and nuance. Stories deserve to be heard. Audiences can be challenged and taken care of. I’m throwing us a party, invite your friends, no need to RSVP.


Director of Youth Programs and Development : Free Street Theater

Academic Tutor : Albany Park Theater Project

Co-Founder : Joy/Club

Recent Directing : REST (with Tricia Hersey), for US, with love, Checkmate, The Americans [Free Street Theater]; PUNK [The New Colony]; Cycle 3 of Every 28 Hours (with Coya Paz) [The Goodman Theater]; Zipped and Pelted [The Wulfden].

Degree : BFA Theatre Arts with a Concentration in Directing, minor mathematics

Frequent/Current Collaborators [check them out] : Lucas Baisch, Morgan McNaught, Bonnie Metzgar, Melissa DuPrey, Coya Paz, Remy Solomon, Ricardo Gamboa, Zandra Starks, Keren Diaz de Leon, Ben Kaye, Rolando Serrano, Tricia Hersey.

C U R R E N T   W O R K

Come Over: An Evening of Music and Stories (director): A multimedia musical storytelling event, Come Over celebrates the EP release of Chicago pop artist Maggie Kubley’s new EP, “Come Over.” The evening and EP ask if we can find ways to laugh at the things that frequently pain us. Kubley will present songs from the EP and never-before-heard works of music and storytelling.

PARCHED (stories about water, pollution and theft) (director) : After 10 months of researching, interviewing and writing, Free Street’s youth ensemble presents a play about water justice in Chicago and around the world. Opens May 3, plays Fridays (7pm) and Saturdays (2pm) through May 18th. Accessible, low-sensory performance on May 16th (7pm).

IAMGIRL (co-director) : Info coming very soon - its exciting.

Joy/Club (co-founder): Katrina Dion and Morgan McNaught are coming together to infuse joy into your project. Looking to create an atmosphere for your reading? Have some joyful dramaturgy? Get some notes on your dress rehearsal? Contact one of us, schedule a meeting and see how we can help you make a space of wellness and joy for your project. 

Click here for her current resume.