Convention or The Winos by Jared Hecht


Presented by The Wulfden at Theatre Y

The only thing better than saving John Stamos from being hit by a bus would be saving your ex-friend of four years from being hit by a bus. (An ex-friend whom you're somewhat ambivalent about but you decide to catch up with over dinner because "that's what you're supposed to do" and you accidentally lie to this ex-friend about your current relationship status. And then you bring your brother's fiancé to pose as your boyfriend and your brother shows up too and it's a weird love triangle thing.) Then again, it would be cool to meet John Stamos.

Stage Management by Aiden Kent

Production Design by David Samba

Production Management by Mario Wolfe

Cast: Alissa Sherwood, Rachel Rosen, George Booker, Sam Kotansky, Lucas Baisch