Let Me Down Easy by Anna Deavere Smith starring Usman Ally

Assistant Director

American Theater Company-Actress and documentation Anna Deavere Smith (The West Wing, Nurse Jackie) interviewed more than 300 subjects for Let Me Down Easy, a 90-minute humorous and heart-wrenching look at 19 diverse American on the road toward the end-from cyclist Lance Armstrong to former Texas Governor Ann Richards. A

While assisting director Bonnie Metzgar, Katrina also did all the dramaturgical research and work on this project doing in depth research on all 19 characters of the play. If you'd like access to Katrina's dramaturgy tumblr for this project please feel free to send her a message in the contact section of her website. 

Director: Bonnie Metzgar

Sound Design by Yu Shibagaki

Lighting Design by Brian Hoehne

Costume Design by Bill Morey

Sound Design by Stephen Ptacek

Projections Design by Liviu Pasare

Stage Management by Katie Klemme