Zipped and Pelted by Lucas Baisch


Produced by The Wulfden as part of The Chicago Fringe Festival

Zipped & Pelted takes place in December of 2014 outside of Chicago where a fandom, known as Furries, gathered by the thousands for the fifteenth annual Midwest Furfest. During this particular year, a mysterious chlorine gas leak led to the hospitalization of nineteen of these furs. Zipped & Pelted follows a distorted timeline surrounding the event, exploring the interaction of Internet friends and real-life strangers, kitsch and convention culture, provoking questions of what it truly means to be an animal.

Scenic Design by Greg Pinsoneault

Sound Design by Connor Ciesil

Costume Design by Catharine Young

Lighting Design by Emmaleigh Winshell

Main Cast: Theo Germaine, Jaboukie Young-White, Rejinal Simon, Dominique Watkins, Asia Martin

Ensemble: Isabella Karina Coelho, Rachel Rosen, Tim Maher


Photos by Kevin Greene